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Saigon Cafe

  • Aaron F.

    Over the weekend, Nicole and I took a walk in the Elmwood village to enjoy the nice weather, catch a beer, and find something to eat for dinner.  We decided to go with “Saigon Cafe”, formally known as “Saigon Bangkok” and now under new management.  This place offers very nice sidewalk seating and always looked like a pleasant place to get something to eat on a nice day. 

We arrived at around 6:30pm and we were able to sit outside.  The menu offered a wide variety of choices and I was eager to try something new.  I haven’t eaten Thai/Vietnamese food as a non-vegetarian so I was going to try something with meat.  I went with the Spicy Thai Duck and Nicole went with the Pad Ka Pow Tofu.  We were not all that hungry so we didn’t get an appetizer and we had just come from a few rounds of prior beers, so we went with water.  The thing that we noticed immediately was that the food came out super fast.  I don’t even think it was even ten minutes.   The two dishes were placed in front of us and smelled delicious.  The plate presentation was fantastic, although the portions were smaller than you would expect, Nicole’s more so than mine.  My duck was cooked perfectly and the vegetables were very fresh.  I had a bite of Nicole’s entree and hers seemed very good also, the tofu was perfect.

Spicy Thai Duck

Always something to see in the Elmwood Village.

     With smaller portions being the only issue I had with this place, the positives definitely out weigh the negative.  My over-all opinion?  If you are into this type of cuisine, head down to Saigon Cafe on a nice day, enjoy the out door seating, order an appetizer with your dinner, and you will have a really great dining experience.  The service was really fast and we would definitely go again.  Buffalo’s best Thai food?  I disagree.  “Saigon Bangkok” located on Niagara Fall Blvd is far more inexpensive, just as classy (if not classier), and cheaper.  But if you are on Elmwood, Saigon Cafe is there, and it’s good.

Saigon Cafe
1098 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14222

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