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Sabres "Fans"

  • Aaron F.

    Last night the Sabres took out Dallas in overtime.  In super exciting fashion, the Sabres scored 5 minutes into the third to come within one.  With most of the third period left, and a Sabres team getting hot, the crowd got insane.  They got completely out of control!  It was like when the Bills beat the Patriots in 2011.  Actually no.  It was super embarrassing. Hordes of people got out of their seats….and headed to the exits.  Normally I don’t curse on this blog, but what the fuck is this?  Stay at home.  We don’t want you at the games.  What is the point of going out to the games, sitting on your asses in silence, and then leaving early when the team is rallying from behind?  I wish Time Warner upon all of their homes.