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Project: Curtains

  • Aaron F.

    Nicole and I took off Monday because neither of us felt like working after the Royal Rumble party.  What a perfect day to complete a project.  A few weeks ago, Nicole had ordered some fabric online for some curtains she was planning on making for the second floor landing.  Curtains can be really expensive depending on what you want, we figured we would make them ourselves and get exactly what we want for a fraction of the cost.

We ran to Target and picked up a curtain rod for the window on the second landing.  Slowly, we are starting to bring life to different areas in the house.

This is the fabric that Nicole picked up online.

We needed a big space to spread the fabric out so we moved the couch and made our measurements marking the floor with white tape so that it was easy to identify the marks for cutting.

You don’t have to be a sewing master to make these, we picked up two rolls of hemming tape.  Its simple to use, you just stick one end to the fabric, fold it over and iron the area for 20 seconds.  It went pretty smooth for Nicole who can get angry quickly.  I was amazed that she didn’t throw the iron through the window.  She didn’t get angry once.

After we finished the first curtain, the second wasn’t nearly as tough because we sort of had a system down.

Simple curtain clips from Target.