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New Bodysuit!

  • Aaron F.
   I have finished the first two new products of the year and they should be posted in all of my shops by the time this is read.  The first of the two is a new baby bodysuit inspired by the iconic picture of Keith Richards sporting the “Who the Fuck is Mick Jagger?” shirt.  Truthfully I hadn’t even seen the shirt until watching the Maroon 5 video with my wife.  Watching the video, I assumed countless indie shirt makers had already listed that for sale on plenty of sites, and I also thought it was sort of lame.  Then it hit me.  This as baby onesie would be awesome, because a baby would literally have no idea who Mick Jagger is!  I actually wanted to take it a step further and change it to Mike Jagger, but I figured I’d cut my obscure humour short in fear of never selling one.
My daughters first photo shoot for Super Sweet Shirts!

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