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  • Aaron F.

   A few days ago I shaved off my beard….well sort of.  I get bored easily with “looks”.  In this case, I was bored again.  So I started looking up dudes with sweet mustaches….shall we?

Adrien Brody’s mustache is amazing.
TNA wrestler Joey Ryan

My brother in law Bill has rocked this mustache since the entire time I’ve known him.

My step-dad’s mustache in this old school picture is pretty sweet.

   So into the bathroom I went for a facial hair make-over.  And out I came looking like this…

I kept it for a day and then got rid of it.  But today, as I write this blog, I’ve decided to grow it back.  I regret the decision, fortunately I am blessed with facial hair that grows by the hour, so in like 4 days I’ll have it back probably.  It’s a tough decision when it comes to deciding what type of facial hair you want, especially when you lack hair on your head.  I’ll keep everyone update on this, I know its super important to you all!