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Mr. Majestyk? Totally Awesome.

  • Aaron F.

    They pissed him off, over and over.  Treated unfairly by the cops, and pestered by local red necks, Bronson finally gets pushed over the edge when they unleash machine guns on his watermelons…yup.
This movie was totally awesome and is yet another Bronson movie worth watching.  Mr. Majestyk is a watermelon farmer, and of course a Vietnam vet.  That always seems to be the case.  Whenever a good person kicks the asses of criminals and scum bags, that hero always has a background in NAM.  This movie starts off setting the stage for Bronson defending migrant workers, with local rednecks trying to force him to use white laborers which eventually leads to him kicking someone’s ass and getting into trouble with the law.  Without giving away spoilers, Bronson gets involved with another guy who is also in trouble with the law, only this guy is a royal piece of garbage and a famous hitman who has a history of getting off on all charges.
This movie was pretty entertaining and there wasn’t a dull moment.  Great movie to watch on a rainy day and WAY better then “No Retreat No Surrender 2: Raging Thunder”.