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Long weekend…

  • Aaron F.

    This weekend was pretty exhausting.  Nicole and I went to Rochester for a show that we had never done before.  You live and learn with these things.  This show wasn’t promoted very well, and there was heavy rain with strong winds.  It was not a good turnout but it was still fun to be out with people and getting feedback.  I’m excited for the Mayday Underground show. This will be our second time doing this show, and it was fantastic last year.
    I just put in an order for new supplies.  Sitting at the show over the weekend gave me an opportunity to brainstorm.  I am going to be doing a Straightedge baby onesie.  It is such a stupid concept that I got really excited.  Hopefully I will have them in time for the November 5th show! I will keep you posted on the status of the Straightedge Baby Onesie!