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Its About that Time! NO L.E.D.s!

  • Aaron F.
    Its getting to be that time of year.  Actually its my favorite time, and today is one of those days where its mid-November and we have a freak day here in Buffalo, where it will be in the 60’s and sunny out!  That can only mean one thing…….

Yes indeed, the lighting of our house….well, not exactly turning them on, but the installation.  There is nothing like grabbing a ladder, a shit load of tangled lights, and a pint of beer to have AFTER the lights involving the ladder are put up.  
I noticed that when I was in my local Home Depot, that there seems to be a steady decrease year to year, in real lights…everything seems to be converting to LED’s which to me, is horrible.  Yeah, I get it….they last a long time, they use less electricity..whatever.  They are ugly…..straight  up ugly.  There is no warmth to their glow, no tradition in their appearance; just nothing.  I will hold out on buying these lights as long as I can. Call me old fashioned…
This morning while drinking some coffee and taking advantage of every second our baby sleeps, I decided to look at the internet for xmas decoration ideas, unique stuff, cool ideas, etc.  Some of what I saw was pretty awesome, some sort of odd….you decide.
Like this…..
Nothing like turning your toilet into a cute xmas character with what appears to be eyes, and antlers and a nose….and a toilet seat mouth…that you will eventually put your fanny on and relieve yourself into……weird.
I’m not a fan of this display per say, but I like the idea of putting something around the door.  My mom always has some sort of pine display around the frame of the door…this may be the newest addition to the house….not sure yet.  Every year I like to add one more thing.
I have already added this to my Amazon wish list so that I don’t forget.  These lights are solor powered!  This is perfect for the tree we have out by the road.  This is definitely something I’m doing this year!
I’ll have pictures of the final display posted here the day after thanksgiving (which is the day I’m allowed to turn on the lights).  Stay Tuned!