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I present to you…The Warriors Onesie

  • Aaron F.

     The Warriors baby onesie is complete.  I wanted to do a different take on it, inspired by an earlier design I did involving the Predator.

Not very exciting.

When I was younger, my neighbors mom used to collect these “Precious Moments” figurines which were these useless chachkis that were not worth anything.  They were made of porcelain and they where always doing something lame like hugging each other, or doing some sort of lame, innocent, uninteresting things.  I wanted to portray similar characters doing things that were a little odd and cool.


    For the Warriors onesie, I wanted to continue this idea by having one of these characters dressed up like a Warrior from the cult classic film.  I liked the way it turned out and I may continue with this line of onesies depending on how well they do.

Even more exciting.

Item is listed at our etsy store and ebay store and will be on the main site soon.