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Excited for the Weekend!

  • Aaron F.

    I can’t wait for this week to be over.  I have a boat load of stuff to do this weekend and hardly any room to breathe, but I like it…..I think…so far.  Our contractor thinks he will be finished with everything by the end of next week.  The new counter is set to go in around Wednesday and I’ll be able too cook again and share my pizza recipes. 
    Saturday, Nicole and I need to spend the day making sure that we don’t have pealing paint on any of our windows, so it will be an entire day of doing that.  There can’t be pealing paint when the inspector comes.  We just want to be able to cook again like normal people and have a bathroom sink again!
    Sunday is going to be awesome.  I am a Bills fan.  I’m not a Bills fan that cries about how bad we are and puts them down all the time.  Every season is a new shot in my eyes and this season is no different.  I like what they have done with the defense and the QB that I pushed for to be the starter from the beginning is starting.  Sunday will be a day of football and food and I cannot wait.

    I’ll have a new restaurant review this weekend.  We want to go out to eat tomorrow so I should have something new to share.  Once this house stuff ends, I should be able to get back to the normal posting on here, beers, food, and shirts!