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Easter weekend!

  • Aaron F.

    Easter has arrived and what a weekend it has been, especially if you are a Sabres fan!  The Sabres pulled off a win Friday night to put us in a position to take out the Flyers today on Easter Sunday.  Saturday morning we went to the Broadway Market located in one of Buffalo’s most unflattering parts of town.  Normally people wouldn’t go near this area but the weeks leading up to Easter, this place is loaded with some of the best Easter food around.  Amazing home made candy, breads, perogies, and meats, this is the place to go before Easter Sunday.
    Saturday night we went to Brodo with some of Nicole’s good friends.  Brodo is an overpriced restaurant that makes average food.  Its not terrible and its not great.  Nicole had a mushroom gorgonzola ravioli and I had a grilled cheese sandwich with fancy cheeses.  I’m a sucker for grilled cheese and as long as t hey have a great beer that I can drink with it, I’m a happy camper.  I washed it down with a Victory Hop Devil, which is one of my favorites.  Minus the overpriced average food, the night was fun and I enjoy being the only guy amongst a group of babbeling  yentas.


Fancy Grilled Cheese
The most simple thing can bring a smile to my face.

We went to the Broadway market to get some perogies for our Sunday Easter dinner, something I wanted to bring back as a tradition.  Easter was always huge in my family growing up with a Ukrainian grandmother.  We would always have the best food Easter Sunday.  So this year we got fresh perogies and Nicole and I made home made vegetarian cabbage rolls using some vegetarian ground beef.

Ukrainian Cabbage rolls!
Nicole’s nephew Jake in his Easter outfit.  5 minutes later he tore all of his clothes off because he insists on being nude all the time.

     Happy Easter from!