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Easter Weekend!

  • Aaron F.

   Easter weekend was exhausting but fun.  Nicole and I managed to enjoy two  Easter dinners without exceeding our weight watcher point allowances.  It was challenging but not impossible.  What has actually become challenging to me is getting used to my new tolerance for alcohol.  This weekend, I failed this test miserably!  When I was 20 pounds heavier, I could throw back a decent amount of alcohol, and the following morning would be nothing.  Now that I am 20 pounds lighter, it seems my new limit is like 3 beers max!  Super embarrassing, this weekend brought me a morning that I spent partially on the bathroom floor, and partially on a couch laying down nibbling on oyster crackers and sipping ginger ale.  It was total amateur day for me, super embarrassing.  After a few hours I was feeling decent enough to leave and head over to Nicole’s mom’s house.  When we finished up over there, I was in bed by 6:30pm….for the night.  I feel great this morning after all of that sleep though!
  Today, Nicole and I head downtown to get our marriage license.  Hopefully all goes well!