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BombFell to the Rescue.

  • Aaron F.
    It’s been so busy lately.  There was a time when days dragged, but now they go by so fast, that it’s impossible to get everything done!   I rarely write about other clothing companies, but its fair to say that this one isn’t exactly a direct competitor of mine.  I’m just like everyone else that buys stuff from the Super Sweet Shirt Company.  A t-shirt and jeans kinda guy.  I haven’t really changed that aspect of me, but occasionally I need wear something a little more on the dressy side.  I cant wear a Steven Seagal shirt to dinner, or family gathering.  I can’t take my wife to dinner wearing a Death Wish shirt.  If you do want some of those things, I suggest you head over to, but if you are in desperate need of some fancier clothes, head over to
    These days, I’m so busy with work, making shirts, raising a kid with my beautiful wife, and working on the house, it’s impossible to find the time to find some nicer things to add to my wardrobe.  Bombfell takes all the effort out of it.  You basically sign up, tell them a bit about yourself, what kind of clothes you wear, and what you hate, etc.  They then assign you a stylist.  That’s right. I have a stylist.  After you do all of this, in a few days they will tell you what’s coming your way.  You can select the types of things that you are looking for them to send you (pants, jeans, shirt, dress shirt, etc.) Once you see what they have chosen, you can decide weather or not you want them to mail the stuff to you or if you want something else.  Once you get the clothes, you can try them on, if you hate them, they pay for the return shipping, and the return supplies are all included.  It’s pretty awesome.  They sent me 4 things, the first, a pair of grey chinos.
This isn’t me.

   I was looking forward to getting these.  Once I put them on, I stood proudly in front of my wife, showing her how they fit.  She was just staring at my mid-section and then pointed out that the pants gave me male camel toe.  I looked down, and sure enough they did. Dammit.  I like the pants, but I wasn’t going to be able to make male camel toe look fashionable.  These had to go back.
   The next item was the “Ben Sherman CLASSIC GINGHAM MOD SHIRT.”  I liked the look of this shirt when they told me it was coming.  The fit was perfect, they nailed this one.
   The final two items where “Mavi Matt Mid Rise Straight Jeans” and my favorite, the “Original Penguin FULL-ZIP MOCK-NECK CARDIGAN”

Both of these items fit incredibly well.  The jeans especially.  Normally I wear a 34, which every time I buy myself a pair of 34’s, they are tight.  These fit awesome.
    My first experience doing something like this was great.  I know what you’re wondering, “Is it expensive?”  Its not bad.  When I first looked into something like this I tried Trunkclub which was a similar service.  I received a call from one of their stylists who told me the clothes ranged from $100-$300 per item.  That was way out of my range.  Bombfell is more like $60-$100.  Basically your paying the ticketed price on the clothing, (where as normally you could get it at a department store on sale.)  You basically pay the full retail price and that’s how the stylist gets paid.  It’s a price I’d gladly pay to not have to put any effort into getting some nicer threads.  Definitely something to think about if you have something coming up where you need a few fancy clothes.