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Bear with me! The business plan for the rest of the year!

  • Aaron F.

   Things have been ridiculously hectic as of late.  My wife is pregnant, we are headed to San Diego in one week, I’m pounding out all your orders, and I’m transforming out entire stock,  That’s right, things are changing big time.  My goal with the Super Sweet Shirt Co. was to have a company that I ran with pride.  I have put out amazing shirts out for 5 years, selling thousands of shirts on my eBay, Etsy, and home site, every year improving more and more.  We have 100% feedback in all of our stores, which doesn’t mean we haven’t made mistakes, but have had the kind of customer service that made people glad we made a mistake.  I’ve reached a point were I need more.  Not more business, but more personal gratification.  That is why we are slowly replacing our inventory with American Apparel.  The entire process was a total pain in the ass, but totally worth it.   This was a big decision.  The reason being is that there would be a price increase.  American Apparel is top notch American made clothing made in L.A. California.  For years we have been using standard 100% cotton shirts made by Gildan or Fruit of the Loom , which are common brands used by a majority of screen printers.  American Apparel is flat out better.  Our shirts will flat out be better than our competition.  If your are unfamiliar with American Apparel, please visit the site below:

These shirts are made with the best quality cotton, the best stitching, and a way better fit than your standard shirts.

For the next few months we will be replacing our inventory with these shirts.  I have decided to continue offering a “Standard Shirt”  option in all of our designs for the rest of the year in case there are people who don’t want to pay for a better quality shirt.   Our Toddler Shirts and our womens shirts will not have the “standard option” and are changing over to 100% American Apparel.  The men’s shirts will have the option to purchase a cheaper “standard” version.  After a year, we will take a look at what we sold, and decide if we need to continue offering the “standard shirt”.
So far the feedback has been awesome, especially from the women.  I’m hoping that eventually we won’t need to offer anything but American Apparel Shirts.