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Action Movie 100: "Taken"

  • Aaron F.

   Oh man.  Liam Neeson has been in some lame movies but this is not one of them.  If you love action movies, then you will LOVE this.  Neeson plays a guy who used to work for the government and hes amazing at tracking people down.  He describes his job to his daughter as “a preventer”.  This isn’t like Bourne Identity.  Neeson is an actual believable bad ass unlike Matt Daemon…

  Neeson’s daughter gets kidnapped and put into the sex slave trade by Russians.  From the get-go, Neeson tells them that they have one chance to return her immediately or that he will find them and kill them.  He tells them that he has a skill set that is used to make people like them miserable.  From there on its non stop ass kicking.  This movie rules and I highly suggest seeing it.  
  There were two scenes that stuck out for me, that I found really funny.  When Neeson infiltrates a sex slave hideout and then takes off in a truck while getting shot at, the truck swerves all over the place smashing into randomly placed metal barrels.  Of course the barrels are filled to the brim with explosive liquids!  Those are always just sitting around.  The second scene to keep an eye on is the final fight scene.  The guy Neeson is beating the shit out of has a fancy novelty knife that he whips out to stab with.  The camera gets a super closeup of the knife, but they sort of forgot to swap the knives and its clearly the prop one made of that weird cheesy metal so that nobody actually gets cut.  
   Other than these two stupid scenes, the whole movie is awesome.

If you see this movie… then you can get super excited for this..