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A Great Dog for Anyone That Wants One.

  • Aaron F.

    This weekend had its highs and lows.  I haven’t been on in a while because things have been so busy.  For a while Nicole and I had wanted to adopt a dog.  We would check the SPCA website every day to look and see the dogs, waiting to see that one face that would make us immediately come to it’s rescue.  We had found her.  She was part Boerboel and part Pit.  She just had babies and was a mother ready to be adopted.


   Nicole and I went and picked up Wilma.  We brought my Jack Russel Ric with us so that they could meet.  The two seemed to get along nicely at the shelter, so we paid our $130.00 and brought her home.  Wilma was very appreciative of her new home and loved the both of us.  She loved to go for walks and eat treats.  She also loved to cuddle.  The thing that wasn’t working was that she loved to play with Ric.  With Ric being 20 pounds and Wilma at 60, the playing wasn’t very successful.  Every session would involve Ric being trampled on accident.  She never meant to hurt him but she would almost every time.  After 2 days of trying to figure this out, we had to make a very difficult decision.  Do we keep Wilma here and risk Ric getting hurt?  Does Wilma live here only to constantly hear us telling her not to play because we have insufficient means for her to be happy?  Or do we do the right thing and bring her back so that she has a chance to be an only dog for someone looking for a best friend.  This dog was fantastic and we couldn’t keep her.  Monday morning the decision was made to bring her back.  I had her two days and my heart was broken.  I put the leash back on her and brought her to the car.  She sat in the back seat laying down with her head resting on the seat cushion, almost as if she knew where she was going.  I was trying not to tear up but I was failing miserably.  What was only a few mile drive to the spca, seemed like forever.  I pulled into the parking lot, trying to get myself together.  I looked like my mom after a really sad, intense, episode of Guiding Light.  Wilma willingly left the back seat and walked with me to the entrance.  Once the door was open, she cowered and tried to pull in the opposite direction.  This was brutal.  I pushed her in gently by her fanny while trying not to cry and look totally ridiculous.  I told the women at the desk that Wilma was fantastic but that she couldn’t co-exist with my dog Ric.  I told her that Wilma loved to be in her crate at night time, that she feared cats and never attacked them.  She was good on a leash, listened to commands (for the most part), and went outside to go to the bathroom.  The only issue was my other dog.  They were very understanding and after some paper work, I left the SPCA in tears like a pussy and headed home.  I love animals, and this one was tough, but it was the right decision.  I post this entry for the hopes that if anyone is looking for a great dog, the go visit Wilma at:


205 Ensminger Road
Tonawanda, NY 14150
(716) 875-7360 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (716) 875-7360      

Her link is here: