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4th of July on the water and some festival notes!

  • Aaron F.

    The Buffalo waterfront has really stepped it up.  We had gone down to the waterfront near the HSBC arena on the 3rd of July to check it out.  In the past, it was a ghost town.  There were no people to be seen, no activity at all.  This summer it is totally different.  There was tons of activity and people enjoying their Sunday afternoon by the water.  It was really awesome.  When we went down on the 4th, it was crazy.  I took some pictures.  The progress and development of the waterfront is definitely coming along nicely. 

    The fireworks display was pretty amazing.  I didn’t get any pictures of them because pictures of fireworks are never impressive unless taken by a real photographer.  I think the most annoying thing that happened during the fireworks display would be the excessive amounts of country music blasting as the fireworks went off.  At one point I had looked to my left to see a family of really overweight trashy people, smoking tons of cigarettes, and getting into the terrible songs playing.  The song “Proud to be an American” might be one of the most embarrassing songs ever written and definitely does not make me proud.  For about 10 minutes, it was mind blowing and it actually felt like I was in some backwoods town in the South.  Luckily they only played like 4 country songs.  Yeah I know, some people like country music, but it is still embarrassing.  All in all, it was a fun 4th in Buffalo.
    This upcoming weekend and the weekend after are super busy.  Nicole and I are volunteering at the Echo Art Fair at the Central Terminal this Saturday.  Sunday is the Taste of Buffalo which, this year, is the biggest food festival in the United States.  I will be eating food and taking pictures!   The following weekend is the Italian Festival.  This festival isn’t all that pretty to look at, but the food is amazing!  I will have pictures of that also.